Locked v2.6.1 Generate Std Msgs #IssueReport

Jacques Pecourt

After installing ver.2.6.1 the sequence works well from TX 1 to TX4 but
crashes on the next line. Using a compound call sign, my TX4 is RRR (not
RR73). Once I receive the standard RR73 from my contact, the sequence to
TX5 that should be <XX0XX> W2/F2YS 73. never materializes. Instead the
"Login the QSO" appears and the "Enable Tx" shuts off instantly. The only
way I can conclude the exchange is to click on TX5 manually and within
less than 2 seconds also click on Enable TX again. This never happened with
ver.2.1.2. . Am I doing something wrong in the configuration or is this a
known issue due to this compound callsign situation ? Thank you
for any help on the subject...