locked MAC transmit sound issues #macOS


First what I'm running
App: WSJT-X 2.5.4
OS: MAC 13.0.1 (22A400)

Everything was working find until I updated my to 13.0.1 (22A400) .
when I first open the app and call CQ or answer a CQ all works but after a few minutes the radio keys but no sound?
if I restart the app again it works for a few minutes and stops outputting sound?

I checked to make sure the usb audio codec from Silicon Labs was up to date, there has not be a update since last year?

not sure if anyone else has ran into this issue but if so and you had resolved it , could you share i the fix?
or if anyone has some idea what might be happening and want to comment that would also be appreciated,


Mike AA5MC


I don't have answers for you but I'm curious as to why you're using macOS 13.0.1 with Silicon Labs usb drivers. I'm using macOS 11.7.1 and I didn't have to load silab drivers like I did with older OSs. Is there an advantage? Hopefully less noise? Has mac quit providing the drivers?



There’s several threads already mentioning this issue. #macOS (search for this hashtag) 13.0 have been a nightmare for those who use WSJT-X and similar apps. Some have had luck doing a few things, but I for one haven’t had any luck yet.


Jeff K3JRZ


First, I can tell you from personal experience, do not *upgrade* from one macOS version to another. Perform a clean install. There are various sites out there that describe this (mostly) painless procedure. If you use iCloud for your backup, it's quite straightforward. No, I don't care and it doesn't matter if you've *always* "upgraded." You're gambling against the law of averages and stuff gets broken. "Stuff" gets left over and interacts with new "stuff." (I prefer George Carlin's correct pronunciation of "stuff" but this is a family-oriented group).

Since at least Big Sur when my BT completely broke after upgrade (no keyboard, no mouse), I have always performed a clean install.

My brother recently upgraded from Monterey to Ventura and his network (on the Mac) broke. Local was fine, Internet connectivity was completely gone. He backtracked and performed a clean install. I generally wait until x.0.1 before I do my clean install and did that during the days prior to Thanksgiving (in the US) this year when I could devote some time to it.

Second, there should be no need to download the SLabs drivers. They *should* be included in macOS. My KX3 connected via DigiRig worked fine - both CAT and audio after my Ventura install.

All of my radio apps - SmartSDR for Mac, WSJT-X (and derivatives) 2.5.4 and 2.6.0_rc5, GridTracker, JS8Call, Flsuite, have all been tested and work fine on my Intel-based iMac running macOS 13.0.1. I have a user ID on my wife's M1Pro MBP and will test there once I install Ventura on it but I expect no issues there either.

I suspect there are fewer issues with Ventura than complaints would suggest especially when doing a clean install. It's just complaints are usually louder than "no issue here."

Joel - W4JBB