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Below is part of the welcome message which is sent to all new members. It is largely unchanged since Bill and I visited it a couple of years ago. I have made minor changes for clarification. The last two "rules" are new. I'm not sure how the penultimate rule was not included but the last one is prevent further discourteous behavior.

Members attempting to inject WSJTX forks into the discussion is a particular problem and one member had two messages rejected within a month. Please desist from mentioning WSJT forks.

Discussions involving 73, grids, and other operating procedures continue to bring out the worst in members as many have very strong views which are very different from others. Please remember that others are entitled to different opinions.

I am aware that some members use email addresses which are not monitored but you should be aware that you will receive the occasional important email.

Members should be aware that even if you set "no email" you will still receive occasional email from the group, such as returned messages or messages from a moderator. The moderators do not expect rudeness in return.


Group "rules"

No personal insults, be polite when expressing opinions that differ from others or expressing disapproval.
No crude language or abbreviations.
No items "for sale" "items free".
Test messages may only be sent with the hashtag #TestMessage
No expression of political or religious viewpoints, keep the messages focused on the software.
This is a worldwide group made of many different cultures, faiths, values, and ethnic groups. Please exhibit tolerance, respect and kindness. 
Threads that become expansive or begin to form a circular argument may be moderated or "locked" by moderators after a period of time so that they do not dominate the group. 
No promoting the use of the WSJTX software in a manner that violates the author's copyright terms.
No reference to derivatives or forks of WSJTX software.
Moderating staff exercise exclusive discretion over all posted content, Please report any message that you feel moderating staff may have missed and should be reviewed for possible inappropriate content. Please do not respond directly.
Members who, in the opinion of the moderators, have ignored these "rules" make have their posting privileges removed until they have confirmed they have re-read these rules.
Discussion of electrical and license regulation matters MUST include the administration you are referring to. Good practice under one administration may be dangerous or illegal or both in another.
Personal messages must not be re-posted without permission of the originator