ADIF Master and wsjt_log.adi compatibility #WSJTX_config

Radivoj Kar, f6gnz

I have two independent  WSJT_X instances , for Home ans Portable QSY  operations. Their logs are under different folders. I just found that by inadvertance I have logged two groups  of my my Portable FT8 QSOs into my Home QSO FT8 log.
I wish to exclude  these two date groups from the Home log and merge them into the QSU log.

After opening the wsjtx_log.adi with ADIF Master and filtering out two date groups of QSY QSOs, and saving the remaining Home QSOs log under the original wsjtx_adi log name, would it keep the same log structure as the original .adi log???

If yes, YES and no problems, then I can merge these two deleted QSY groups, saved as separate QSO logs, into my existing QSY log.
Please comment !
73, Radi f6gnz

Carl - WC4H

Bonjour Radi.

One nice thing about ADIF is that as long as each field contains he correct tag, the "structure" does not matter.  The fields could be in any sequence in the ADIF file.

Also, the easiest way I found to move the QSOs for specific dates from one file to the other is just to cut and paste.  ADIF Master is not needed for that.

À bientôt.
Carl - WC4H

Radivoj Kar, f6gnz

Hi Carl,
Thanks for the response. You said ADIF Master is not needed. But then which application to use to open the wsjt_log.adi , cut QSOs from certain date blocks and create two new .adi files, one containing remaining QSOs and other cut and pasted QSO groups.
Now, Windows opens the log with ADIF Master as default application, but I am not sure that if I save logs from ADIF Master if the resulting logs would be legitimate for wsjtx !
Please clarify.
73, Radi f6gnz