Locked Questions re: Frequency Calibration #FreqCal

Earl Needham

I'd like to use the frequency calibration routine in WSJT-X to compete in
the next FMT, but I have a few questions.

First, and foremost on my mind -- do you get a more accurate correction if
you run the cycle for longer times? If I run the routine all afternoon do
I get a closer correction than if I run it for only one cycle?

Second -- I always figure to let the rig warm up for at least an hour so
everything is stabilized. I'm using an Icom 706 Mk2G with the high
stability oscillator installed, so it does get a bit warm -- except I'm
using a computer fan blowing down on the heatsink in the back of the rig,
so it no longer gets warm Does anybody have thoughts on how this affects
my accuracy? Would it be better to let the whole rig get warm? Oops, I
mean WARM!!! This particular model is known for getting warmer than most

Third -- any suggestions for frequencies to use other than the standard WWV
and CHU frequencies already in use here? What about VHF? Is anything
possible for VHF standards?

And what about LF? Are NDBs at around 30 KHz accurate enough for this
purpose? I have one close enough to receive on 335 KHz.

Earl / KD5XB

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