Locked dB indicator #TechnicalHelpQuestion

David Herring

I hope this does not appear twice in this forum…I apologize in advance if it does, something quite weird happened during my original attempt at posting.

I just want to make sure I correctly understand the dB column in the Band Activity window (WSJT-X 2.5.4). As I read the manual, it says that this column is the “measured signal-to-noise ratio.”

I take that to mean the difference between the band noise at the moment and the signal of this specific station, yes?

So then, would it be safe to say that, in a single given period, if there are two stations decoding, one is listed as 7 dB and the other as 1 db, that being a difference of 6 dB the 7 dB station’s signal is double the strength of the 1 dB station?

Dave - N5DCH