Locked Bug found on -rc5 #modes

JP Tucson, AZ


Ok, so I worked a QSO with a local ham friend.

It started again, with a TX6 "CQ RU.."

The QSO went as a standard QSO, meaning NOT with AZ (the FT RU exchange), but with the std. grid square.

The QSO completed and promptly went back again in keeping the CQ RU.

I found that it won't clear by hitting erase, etc. The ONLY way to clear out the incorrect RU part, is to end WSJT-X, then restart.

73 John

JP Tucson, AZ

Found a bug in the FT RU mode...

Running Win10, and new -rc5 beta

(Q. why are hashtags for beta and bug no longer there?)

I went into rc5 to take a couple of snips to show my local folks of how to set up for the FT Roundup this weekend.

I then went back into normal FT8 mode, after turning off FT RU mode.

...HOWEVER! After I completed a standard QSO, it went to TX6 and promptly called out - "025930 Tx 2053 ~ CQ RU N7GHZ DM42" - - - it STILL shows the cq RU, even not being in FT RU special activity mode!!! The big, red FT RU block also not showing.

- ANDY - - - SECOND ISSUE WITH THIS GROUPS.IO - You need to please restore the images portion, so that we can post the image to show what we are seeing!!!

Anyway, can you please at WSJT-X please fix this before the FT on Sat.? Thanks!

73 John N7GHZ