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F4FEP Johann

Hi all,
Need help to send directly my qso directly to my own logbook(vqlog).
I have jtalert 2.60.1 and wsjt-x v2.5 .4 d28164.
Before i change computer , all was ok with win 7 and now I have win 11.
Somebody can help me ?
Thanks a lot

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Hi Johann,

When your transferred your VQlog to the new W11 PC, all the data, including Configuration, will be for your old W7 PC. You may need to change some details to match your new file locations.

You need to go to VQlog>Configuration>Program options>Auto logging and make sure those addresses shown are the same as your string for your new WSJT_X adi filesthat are in your W11 set up, as otherwise they will point to your old system string.

You will have to change the addresses if your new set up has a different name string. Example C:\Users\g8hgn\AppData\Local\WSJT-X - IC9700\log wsjtx_log.adi Your string will be different of course, but follows a similar format.