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Tad Danley K3TD

I will be using my new FT-991A with WSJT-X mode MSK144 on a Windows 11 HP laptop for the first time the weekend of 8/12 for the North American Meteor Scatter Digital Sprint. https://kv5w.com/2022/07/24/na-meteor-scatter-sprint-digital-rules/

Would appreciate any advice on recommended MSK144 setup and configuration. This will be my first use of the laptop, radio, and MSK144 together so any and all advice is appreciated!

Thanks and 73,
Tad, K3TD

Lonney K1LH <lonney.harper@...>

Hi Tad,

MSK144 settings:

F Tol 200
RX 1500
T/R 15s

MSK144/Meteor scatter takes a lot of patience and often multiple minutes to complete a QSO. There is activity most mornings - you should be-able to try this mode out anytime to see how it works.


Tad Danley K3TD

Thank you Lonney!

Tad, K3TD


Frequency accuracy very important on MS. Initially set your TOL to max wide and try and make sure your partner and you are on the same frequency. Random CQ’s are almost never worth it. Run skeds all the time and use VIRGO to give you best directions. GL jay ny2ny
jay ny2ny