Locked Input sometimes stops after a QSO on a new Mac Studio #AudioIssues #macOS



I've used WSJT-X on macOS for a few years. Recently I moved to a new Mac Studio, and I've been getting audio input issues I have not seen before. Sometimes, after a QSO, the input audio locks up and the waterfall 'smears' with the last spectra that was received. The only ways I've found to get receive working again are to (i) use the 'Audio MIDI Setup' app to switch to another input format and then back again, or (ii) remove the USB cable from the Mac and put it in again. It then might work for a few more QSOs before it happens again (or it might work for many QSOs before it happens again; I haven't detected the pattern yet).

I've updated the SiLabs CP210x Macintosh OS VCP Driver to the latest version 6.0.2.

I'm using WSJT-X 2.5.4 on macOS 12.4 on a Mac Studio with M1 Max. The transceiver is an Icom IC-7300 with 1.40 firmware. I was previously running the same configuration and settings except with a MacBook Pro instead of the Mac Studio.

I'm suspecting a difference with the Studio. Has anyone seen this problem?

Daryl VK3MCB