locked WSJT-X quits sequencing intermittently #decode or The Ongoing Saga #decode

Chuck Moore <wd4hxg@...>

I ran a couple of interesting tests today and the results raised more
questions. The current station being used is portable, located about
300 miles South of my home. So I use the Compound Callsign

I had noticed a lower than expected numerical report relative to the
number of sites reporting receipt of hearing my call in PSKReporter.
Stateside on 17 Meters, maybe a half a dozen stations reported
receiving my signal using the compound call WD4HXG/4. Usually I
would see dozens of stations.

On a lark, the callsign was changed to the standard format ie; the
"/4" was removed. A transmission resulted in PSKReporter showing
the expected dozens of sites receiving my signal.

Similarly the response to my CQ, and calls to other stations jumped
dramatically. Is there some magic in appending the "/4" (stroke 4)
designator that I am overlooking?

Chuck WD4HXG

Jim Brown

On 7/5/2022 12:33 PM, Chuck Moore via groups.io wrote:
On a lark, the callsign was changed to the standard format ie; the
"/4" was removed.
Hi Chuck,

I've lived in NorCal for 16 years. The only times I've signed /6 were on 6M CW, to prevent stations I was calling from turning their beams in the wrong direction. On FT8, which I use primarily on 6M and 160M, I call with my grid square, which accomplishes the same thing.

There are at least a dozen guys with east coast and mid-west calls in my contest club who NEVER sign /6. I view doing so as misguided. It hasn't been required by FCC since the '70s, and with WSJT modes, doing so is incompatible with other non-standard calls.

73, Jim K9YC

JP Tucson, AZ

Hi Chuck,

Another point to be made about this issue is that you have no idea how many folks out there are still running old; sometimes really old versions of wxjtx...

Just looking at several recent 'complaints' here, I counted quite a few who were still running v2.2.2, one guy not so long ago was using (I think he saild...) 1.9.

I mention this, because in the latest GA release v2.5.4, they 'fixed' the extension issue.

Too old are these versions to handle the newer fixes, so they keep having issues. In this case, they simply do not see you; until you remove the extension.

If you are portable, I think just changing the Grid Square in your general settings would be a better solution.