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I love how the colors are implemented, especially the ability to change the priority. I always love the excitement when a new DXCC shows up.

I imagine when the signal is decoded and the various parts (call, grid, DXCC, etc) are compared to whats new vs whats been-there-done-that,
that triggers the color (again based on priority settings). What if it were possible to remember which part triggered the color, and highlight
that part in that color. Other parts trigger different colors, so each part would tell you separately. It might be new DXCC *and* and new grid *and* and new CQ zone.
oh, and likely a new callsign too. :-) Of course each color can still be turned off as usual in the settings.

I would like to see the lines colored by part that's new, and not just the whole line at the highest priority..

Since this would be a very different experience, It would make sense to have this super-color mode be optional behind a setting.

Of course, I would love for someone to take this idea and propose a better idea.
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