locked Worked Before info #FT8


I dont there there is many that know about contests or contests that start over each year.


the Marathon is one example.. it promotes dxing and each year will start over.

so for the WORKED BEFORE POLICE.. please concider working hams.. I understand if you get a fella that calls you every time he
see you.. being from IDAHO I get it. But I will check to see if that ham calling me is new to 2022 and will work him..
I work about all of them anyway.. never know if he lost his log or something.

Most WORKED BEFORE POLICE don know the laws hi.
keep up dxing.. bands are great and hope if you see MY call and we are in the log B4.. work me. TNX!
73 GL DXing
Marathon count for this year fyi for those who know what it is.. 185.
Good luck