Locked MAP65 v3.0 input sources problem #AudioIssues #map65


I cannot get MAP65 v3.0 to find most of my audio endpoints, in particular, the one I need for 90khz bandwidth via virtual cable.
I am running an RSP2 through HDSDR and Virtual CableB to map65.
In map65 v2.7 I see seven input choices available (3 MME, 3 Direct X, 1 WDM-KS - the one I need).
In v3.0 I only see the three MME inputs.

I can make the system work with the MME Cable Output (VB-Audio...). input in v3.0 but only with 45 khz bandwidth passing through to map65.
In v2.7, indeed, this MME choice gives 45 khz (I presume MME can't get the I/Q to turn into 90 khz BW), but I can select the WDM-KS input and get the full 90 khz bandwidth.

I read some previous comments about turning off power savings modes, and have disabled usb suspend, and each hub's power savings modes, all to no effect. I have uninstalled v2.7 and v3.0 (i.e. wsjtx), reinstalled (as well as Virtual Cable B), and obtain exactly the same behavior as before.

I have installed the same set of software on my laptop (also Win10, with latest updates) and obtain identical behavior as per above, i.e., I only see the MME audio endpoints on v3.0, but see all seven endpoints on v2.7.
Just to add to the mystery, originally (some months ago) V3.0 did NOT have this issue (i.e. I saw all seven input choices). A bit later (presumably after a windows 10 update) I would see this problem on (fast) boot up, but could readily fix it by doing a driver refresh (ctl-win-shift-B), or simply disable fast boot. I suspect that the win10 update in February caused the latest behavior, where even the driver refresh does not fix the problem.

Anybody have any ideas what to try next?
Thanks! Ed