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jim crisco WA4YIZ

hi all....with the upcoming arrl international digital contest...i would like to make some contacts as a "dry run".this would be to make sure ALL software is workingwell together and let us spot any bugs that show up.would give everyone time to work on any bugs.  i have listened on the below freq's....did not hear any signals.... 40m   7.086     ft8         20m   14.086   ft8          ij will be on one of these two freq'ssearch on   http://dxsummit.fi/#/  and search for my callsaturday 4-9-2022appx 4 hr spanstarting appx 1700z if we use the above freq's...i dont think we would confuse those on the regular freq's. please do not overload the io-groups with chatter.just tune-in and work some contacts.  see ya on 086.. 73jimwa4yiz