Locked wsjt-x random crashes #wsjt-x-crashing #Yaesu #Windows10

Paul Pellegrini

Done. Why didn't I think of that? I downloaded and installed the 2.5.3 version at the start of January. Thanks for the information.

73 de K1VK

Karza <kari.sillanmaki@...>

Hi Paul,

Upgrade to v 2.5.4.

73's de Kari, oh2gqc

Paul Pellegrini

Wsjt-x has random crashes. Currently running WIN10 on an i5 computer. Rig is Yaesu FTdx5000 with HRD as the interface. The crashes started when I upgraded to ver. 2.5.3 69fec. When I try to restart wsjt-x after a crash by clicking on the wsjt-x icon on the task bar, an error message is generated "a version of wsjt-x is already running". After a couple of system reboots and random crashes, I tried to see what was causing the problem. After a crash I started task manager. The offending program is “jt-9 wsjt-xx Slow Mode Decoder”. If that task is stopped, then wsjt-x can be restarted by clicking the task bar icon. What is causing the crashes? What does the offending program have to do with restart?

de K1VK - Paul