locked WSPR data analysis idea -- seeking feedback #WSPR

Curt K7ZOO

.....seeking feedback on this idea from a broad audience...
In a month or so I'd like to give a talk to a group here in Arizona, a group of DX'rs who haven't used WSPR to study propagation.  They have keen interest in contacting specific countries, of course...  so I think it might be very interesting if they could filter WSPR data as such:
a) FROM    a specific grid (in my case DM42 in southwestern United States / Arizona)
 b) TO         between a range of azimuthal angles
 c) TO          between a range of distances
In this manner, one could easily see when a specific band was open to a (roughly) rectangular section across the globe.  Honestly, I think it could be really cool to specify a rectangle of interest.  As an example, around Japan: and know when 15 meters was open to that country.  See the plots below as an example.
There are several WSPR data analysis sites out there, spreadsheets -- all really good tools -- but I can't find a tool that simultaneously filters data on both distance AND azimuth. 
I'm really curious to hear what you think about this filter idea!
Have a good day,
Curt / K7ZOO
University of Arizona Radio Station Manager, K7UAZ

Alan Blind


The  WSPR message from the WSJT-X UDP broadcast has a lot of data.   I reprinted the WSPR section below. 

There are numerous examples of code available (search with Google)  to convert the Grid Square to lat/long and with some math to bearing and distance.

I currently use Node-Red and Javascript, to decode the WSJT-X message and do the math conversions for bearing to and distance.

Here is a link to Node-Red, it runs on many platforms:  https://nodered.org

Here is a link to the Node-Red WSJT-X decode node:  https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-wsjt-x

All of the WSJT messages are decoded and presented as JSON objects.  Makes the WSJT-X messages easy to use in other applications.

There are several methods to convert grid square to lat/long.  Here is one of many:  https://ham.stackexchange.com/questions/6462/how-can-one-convert-from-grid-square-to-lat-long

Here is a link to the math and coding for calculating bearing and distance from two lat/long coordinates:  https://www.movable-

Node-Red can run the Javascript coding, provided in the above link.

Here is a link to a Node-Red based World Map you can plot the results on:  https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-web-worldmap

Alan. WA9WUD

Alan. WA9WUD

WSPRDecode Out 10 quint32
* Id (unique key) utf8
* New bool
* Time QTime
* snr qint32
* Delta time (S) float (serialized as double)
* Frequency (Hz) quint64
* Drift (Hz) qint32
* Callsign utf8
* Grid utf8
* Power (dBm) qint32 
 * Off air boolUDP message

Paul Simon

I have a program that takes monthly data from wspr and charts distance per hour using boxplot.  Currently it selects on date and call sign.  It would not be difficult to filter on band and azimuth (range.)  Written in Python; can be easily installed.

Paul Simon w6ext