locked Rig control error from Hamlib #Cat_RigControl #macOS #Elecraft


I recently had my shack completely torn down to have basement waterproofing  I disconnected everything, marked all the connectors and put it all away for safekeeping.


Now I have everything set up again, and trying to get it running correctly. It's all going well, RUMlog is working properly, but WSJT-X is another story.


The rig is a 7.5-year old Elecraft K3 and the computer is a MacBook Pro running MacOS 11.6 Big Sur. When I try to start up and run in FT8, the rig immediately goes key-down and I get this Hamlib error:


Rig failure


Hamlib error: Command rejected by the rig

k3.c(1171):k3_set_mode return(-9)

rig_set_mode: targetable retcode after set_mode=-9

rig.c(2200):rig_set_mode return(-9) while setting current VFO mode


Timestamp: 2021-10-12T16:56:20 316Z

In the "Radio" panel in Preferences, the "Test PTT' is red and continuous until the K3 times out with a ERR PTT display.

Under the PTT button, there is this error message:

Attempt to activate the transmitter.

Click again to deactivate. Normally no power should be output since there is no audio being generated at this time. Check that any Tx indication on your radio and/or your radio interface behave as expected.

It's right, there is no power being output, it's just closing the PTT circuit, apparently.


I've checked cables, ports, everything I can think of and can't determine a solution.


Thanks for any help.

John K8AJS