v2.4.0 A single click of a red Enable Tx does not disable it #QSO_practices #IssueReport

Timothy Brannon

When responding to a CQ call, my usual practice is to call that station up to 3 times with the Tx 1 message, and then I Left-click the red "Enable Tx" button to stop sending further replies.
Since upgrading to v2.4.0, I notice that a single Left-click of the red Enable Tx button does not consistently 'disable' it; the button remains red and another Tx 1 is sent. Sometimes it is disabled with a single Left-click, and sometimes not; I cannot identify a pattern.
This is on a mature Windows 10 system with a wired USB mouse that works normally for everything else. 
It's not a huge problem, although I wind up sending an extra transmission to a station that obviously is not copying me.
Has anyone else noticed this behavior?
73 de Tim, WA5MD in Dallas