[SOLVED] Re: [WSJTX] V2.4.0 and an IC-7300 #Icom

Chris Wren

Ronnie & Bill, thank you. I was able to get the rig to work once I updated the USB drivers on my laptop and changed the serial port to the COM and not USB.


Now just to try this out and get used to it and prepare for the Boy Scout Jamboree On The Air in October.


Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Thank you


Chris Wren


(334) 596-5085 (c)


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It’s going to be your computers input and output selections. In other words your microphone and speaker selections

I can tell you what mine are but it will make no difference as our computers are different



On Aug 25, 2021, at 12:42 PM, Chris Wren <chris@...> wrote:

I recently received an IC-7300 and I am trying to setup an FT8 station to demonstrate ham radio for the Boy Scouts. I have downloaded the WSJT-X v 2.4.0 and loaded it on my Windows 10 laptop and connected the IC-7300 to my laptop via a USB cable.

I have looked at multiple websites showing how to connect the 7300 to WSJT-X, and I am having issues making it work.  Here are my settings in WSJT-X:

  • Rig = IC-7300
  • Serial Port = USB
  • Baud Rate = 115200 (and I have tried 9600)
  • Data Bits = 8
  • Stop bits = 2
  • Handshake = None
  • DTR = [blank]
  • RTS = [blank]
  • PTT Method = CAT
  • Mode = Data/Pkt
  • Split Operation = Rig (and I have tried Fake It)

In the radio, I have left everything to default. I have not made any changes in the rig.

Every time I hit "Test CAT", I get the following error screen:

Rig Failure
Hamlib error: Invalid configuration
network.c(241):network_open return(-2)
iofunc.c(176):port_open return(-2)
rig.c(773):rig_open return(-2) while opening connection to rig

I am at a total loss.  Thank you for your help.

Chris Wren