locked Suite Commander Unnecessary with K4 - but Beware the Red Square! #Elecraft

Rick Tavan

Unlike most radios, the Elecraft K4 presents three available COM ports to programs running on a control computer, not just one. All three may be used concurrently without confusion - commands on any port will receive responses on that port, unbeknownst to programs using other ports. This is handy in many situations. In the case of WSJT-X, both a logging program and WSJT-X can access K4 through different COM ports without interference, making it unnecessary to specify a rig type of DX Lab Suite Commander in WSJT-X | File | Settings | Radio (or the MacOS equivalent location). Simply give the logger and WSJT-X different available K4 COM port numbers. There is one slight downside - If WSJT-X is configured to communicate with a logger but has its own COM port, it leaves the rig communication status square red instead of green, indicating a (theoretical) problem. (This is the square in the small "Radio Connection" window that pops up, for example, when interfacing with N1MM Logger+.) However, everything I've tried seems to work fine and I think you gain some flexibility in the sequence of program starts and terminations. The red square is disconcerting but seems benign. If I'm missing something, please advise.

Thanks & 73,

/Rick N6XI


Rick Tavan
Truckee and Saratoga, CA