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Ok.  We solved it!! I did a hail mary and rolled back WSJT-X to version 2.2.0, and it is now working.

SOOOOOOOOOO DEVELOPER TEAM:  It appears that the Kenwood TS-450 library was broken between version 2.2.0 and 2.3.0.

If you want to repair this in the latest beta version (2.5) I'll be happy to test it.

I think the reason I missed this is that I may have inadvertently skipped version 2.3.0.  When I had a problem, I rolled back one version and it did not change.

I'll stick with 2.2.0 until I hear from someone  By the way, this is the 64 bit build.

Chris AB6QK


Hi Chris, can I ask for your configuration and settings? what OS are you using? What cable is it an FTDI?

I tried rolling back to ver 2.2 but still doesnt work on my laptop. Om using the xggcomms cable. seems that the laptop to rog has connectivity its just that im getting protocol errors.

thanks in advance for your insights and reply.