Phil, WF3W

Gday to the group,

I trust this finds you in unabashed immersion in outdoor, out-of-lockdown activities.

Per G4WJS' article, I have 1 comment and 1 query, running WIN10 and an FT-991A
  1. the WSJT "slider" control displays in VOLUME MIXER without transmitting, i.e., 1, short burst of RF and the slider remains without xmitting. Could this be what Bill meant suggesting powering-down a rig?
  2. my rig has a control labeled DT-GAIN, which I believe is intended to control ALC. When I decrease rig power output - e.g., 100 to 40W - ALC increases. DT-GAIN requires adjustment from ≅5 to 3 to maintain ALC level at "little or no" response, on response, on the ALC progress bar [left to right]. I have never observed this behavior, is it normal? Why?

All adjustments — whether DT-GAIN, RF POWER out of the rig, power slider in WSJT — are incredibly "sharp", i.e., require adjusting up & down to "land" at the desired result.

Take it easy.


Phil, WF3W