B4 Issue #FT8 #logging #FT4

Charlie Hoffman

Lately I've been experiencing an issue with B4 contacts.
I'm running the latest general release version on both programs on W10.

WSJTX will show that the CQ is needed for a new contact but
JTALERT will show that I've worked them B4 and the bands worked/confirmed on.

I do use the option where FT4 and FT8 contacts have individual information
reported on them so it's not that issue.  I have the issue on FT4 and FT8.

Is there an option that I need to change or a file that needs to be updated?
It this a communication issue between JTAlert and WSJTX or a logging issue of
some type?   I'm running HRD and it's logging everything correctly.  Logs to
my local HRD log are updated correctly as well as online logs to HRDLOG and
QRZ and it's done in real time. 

It just seems that sometimes, about once a day,  WSJTX does not correctly
reflect the B4 status correctly.

Help please....

WD4CNO - Charle