WSJT-X and Omni-Rig: Failed to start OmniRig COM server #wsjt-x-crashing

Tom Blahovici

I am the author of Win4IcomSuite and have started getting reports of WSJT failing to start the Omni-rig COM server.
To reproduce:
Reboot your computer and make sure there are no other applications using omni-rig.
Use Omni-rig definition for your Icom radio;. Start WSJT.  You receive the above error.
Run WSJT as Administrator and it works.

All other applications using Omni-rig work without putting them in administrator mode.

Details, version 2.4.0 (happens on previous version as well).
Windows 10, version 19041.1083
73 Tom va2fsq