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Juergen DL4YCD

just downloaded V2.5.0 and think the problem, also reported by others, is still there :-(( Stopped WSJTX and started it again and then all is fine ...

Juergen DL4YCD

hi all,


I want to report a bug .. I think its a bug ....


So what happens ...


I switch through the bands and modes ... from FT8 to FT4 and back. Most the times I'm using FT8, but on 20m also FT4. Sometimes it happens that the screen remains empty on RX and Band Activity after the switch and after ERASE. The count goes up to 15 sec (7.5) and then it should be decoded but nothing happens. But what I see is that DECODE is always ON (blue) and remains ON. I can switch it off/on but nothing happens. After restart of WSJTx all is ok. This happened also on older versions but maybe you know it and its not solved yet or its a new bug. I really have no idea when it happens. Most the times its ok but sometimes not .. not often but sometimes.


WSJTx-Version id v2.4.0 c19d62

OP-System is WIN10pro .. actual level


I have really no idea when it happens. The only thing I do is switching the bands and sometimes the mode.


Maybe that helps. If I can do something to help you, please let me know


73, have a nice weekend and keep healthy


Juergen - DL4YCD



attached the INI-file