locked Not that call AGAIN! #logging


After a contact is logged using RR73, WSJT sends data to JTAlert, all is well. The DX STATION box is cleared, JTAlert clears it's window and alls well... Until the station I have just worked AND logged sends his W7PP (logged station call) 73. At that point the DX STATION box is filled with the worked station sending 73 and my station starts over calling the station like it was during a CQ sequence with first call box checked. I have to stop Xmit, clear DX Station call box, click TX6 box and restart TX.... This sucks! Any help? Has this been brought up before?  73 de W7PP.  P.S. This is a want.... when your working a contest, can you use a contest only worked B4 list that is tied to the contest log. I don't need to know I worked that station in 2013!  Thanks!

Carl - WC4H

I agree.

This is specially annoying if I have already double clicked on the next station I want to work.  It gets replaced by the one sending 73.

The only way I have found to deal with it is to uncheck the "Call first" box.  It's annoying because then I have to double click on any station calling me.  If there are several calling, the one I intend to click on might move up and I get the next one.  Additionally, it may just pick up the station calling even though the "Call first" box is unchecked.

Carl - WC4H