Locked Please be kind to the moderators #special


The number of messages seem to have skyrocketed recently and the proportion needing to be rejected has risen even more. The moderators do not have an indefinite amount of time to devote to moderation.

If you are replying to someone else please read back, especially to the first message and ensure that you are actually being helpful, responding to the information requested, and on topic.

If you have a technical problem please ensure you include *ALL* available error messages, your operating system, and how you have attempted to investigate. The "latest version" is not really good enough and you should be specific about the version. Please ensure these requests are written in a readable manner.

If you are starting a new Subject please ensure you are using the correct hashtags. I no longer have time to correct them and will reject these in future. A particular problem is #FT8 instead of #WSJTX.

There are a few topics which always lead bad feeling, particularly the use of, or lack of use of, 73 and grid. This usually happens very rapidly so please think twice and then again before sending, when discussing these topics. These have been flogged to death so often that I doubt there's anything new to add.