moderated #EnhancementReqest #EnhancementReqest

Chris Hannagan

Hi Team and thanks for the great development work.

When I'm operating I usually position the "Log QSO" button directly over the "Enable TX" button so that I can double click the mouse and return to the next caller.
Would it be possible to have a single key keyboard shortcut to do this such as the numeric keyboard + or INS a bit like N1MM software?
I find it all too easy these days to knock the mouse away and have to search the screen for it.

Is it practical to have an extra window with the last "N" logged QSOs as there are often times when it feels like I've just seen that call but I can never scroll back fast enough to check or to see if it is a robot.

As I mostly operate with "Call 1st" enabled is it possible to give preference to stations calling with TX2 and a preference for stations not on my TX frequency.
I don't need the grid nor particularly want it and if a station is calling with a report he most likely saw my signal not a cluster spot or another caller.
Most busted QSOs seem to happen to callers on my TX frequency as other stronger stations start calling.

Thanks for the consideration.
Chris ZL7DX