VS: [WSJTX] WSJT Sensitivity V MSHV #why ?

Reino Talarmo

>I have attached a snip of the WSJT-X decodes and the MSHV decodes for the same time this afternoon on 6M, look at the corresponding signal levels of the same calls, also note that the time period are exactly the same, please note there is indication of the sound level of WSJT-X because the monitor is off, so do not go off one and say you had no input, it was hovering around the 40dB mark before I hit stop. I can not find a decode level setting on MSHV, but it was set to normal on WSJT-X.




I would like to see also WSJT-X waterfall  in addition to the MHSV one.
Of course the corresponding *.wav files would make comparison possible in a proper manner.


73, Reino OH3mA