VS: [WSJTX] Wrong color for B4 tag #FT8 #general

Reino Talarmo

Hi Gilles,


I would like a try, but with that information you shared it is impossible. I need to know your Colors settings and which color you saw and which you expected to see. One possible reason is that grid information is not recorded into the wsjtx_log.adi file.


73, Reino OH3mA


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Lähetetty: 07 June 2021 15:30
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Aihe: [WSJTX] Wrong color for B4 tag #general #FT8


Hi, I made a contact some time ago to Madeira Is. The same station came back on today and noticed the B4 in the box but was not the color it's suppossed to be. Is there any way to correct the problem. That is the only station that I noticed being off color with the B4.
Thank you for your help.