Locked Azimouth Bearing figures #bearing #bearing


I notice that when I use wsjtx, the calculated bearing/azimuth figure sometimes doesn't match other sources such as QRZ.com.

An example was just now to IO70 wsjtx says 259 degrees and 247 miles. QRZ 253 and 264. Is WSJTX calculating to/from the centre of the distant (or my) square and QRZ to six places?

Also if the station hasn't supplied lat/lon to the reference source then 62 degrees and 24 miles seems to be the direction "to nowhere". It would be good if all programmes ignored no entryt and also square AA00aa, there are a number of times when my furthest distance on 2m is thousands of miles...

Tnx in advance - Terry G0BIX

p.s. when I worked Bill the other night wsjtx showed 289 and 65 miles, qrz.com =  290 and 64.4 so I am assuming that is because Bill is in more or less the middle of his square?