locked VS: [WSJTX] #GeneralGroupInfo SLOW TO DECODE. #GeneralGroupInfo

Reino Talarmo

As I stated earlier wsjt-x is slow to decode. Like double decoding.
Appreciate the help
Thanks 73's de NU4N/Dave


Hi Dave,

Now I think I got you double decoding issue. WSJT-X performs now decoding in three steps in development of v2.2.0-rc1:

  FT8: Decoding is now spread over three intervals.  The first

      starts at t = 11.8 s into an Rx sequence and typically yields

      around 85% of the possible decodes for the sequence.  You

      therefore see most decodes much earlier than before.  A second

      processing step starts at 13.5 s, and the final one at 14.7 s.

      Overall decoding yield on crowded bands is improved by 10% or

      more.  (Systems with receive latency greater than 0.2 s will see

      smaller improvements, but will still see many decodes earlier

      than before.)

Results of those decodes are presented as soon as possible meaning three flashes of the Decode button. In a slow computer he last ones may take decoding to the  next transmission timeslot. Selecting Decode level Fast or Normal may help.

Good Hunting!

73, Reino OH3mA