locked VS: [WSJTX] #GeneralGroupInfo Problem Decoding. #GeneralGroupInfo

Reino Talarmo

I am running the latest version. I have been using Dimension as may time syn for years.Today I am getting Double decoding ?? I am making contacts. My computer has enuf horsepower to decode quickly. Any thoughts ??

Hi Dave,
What you mean by double decoding. Do you mean exactly the same message, but on two different frequencies? If so are those two messages with a frequency difference 120 Hz or a multiple of 120 Hz? Is there a large difference at S/N of those decodes? Do you have a waterfall or .wav file on those instances to share?
In earlier versions of wsjt-x that was quite ‘normal’, at least v2.3.1 is difficult encourage to decode clear 120 Hz (or 100 Hz in Europe) next to the main transmit frequency, it prefers strongly the correct one.
73, Reino OH3mA