Locked #FST4 Coding On a PIC #FST4

Andy Talbot

A brief update on progress.
PIC code for the later generation enhanced device, the 16F1827, now exists that will
turn 13 characters of Plain text, or  17.75 Hex characters  into a set of symbols ready to go for transmission.
So the encoding stage is complete.  I have no interest in compressing any other types of message, just plain text and Telemetry (raw data).  At the moment the Plain Text is retrieved from the EEProm memory space. or Telemetry format data entered as a hex string into the assembly file.

The whole encoding routine takes up a bit less than 2K words of  programme memory.  Of that 1112  (14 bit) words are for the parity matrix, and 768 words of executable code

Now that is done and tested, I want to take a break for a bit before combining it with the beacon source - not least as there are still things to learn about the 16F1827 PIC device.  I used this FST4 encoding exercise as a way to break into using that more advanced chip.

The code won't be made public just yet, but if anyone does want a copy of what is written so far, please contact me off-Group.
Note that this is for FST4, not FST4W.   The latter wouldn't need too many changes; source encoding, parity matrix and various pointer and constant values.