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I have. And it frequently locks up (spinning beachball) when I try. What has worked is the following sequence:
1. quit WSJT-X
2. change radios in logging software (MacLoggerDX)
3. launch WSJT-X
4. change configurations in WSJT-X

Even with this though, I sometimes have to start and restart WSJT-X a couple of times.

This is still an improvement over my struggles before without being able to distinquish between the audio inputs. So I'm one step closer.


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By the way have you tried Configurations? Those should work without any need for quitting or restarting.

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I thought I knew my way around the Mac pretty well, but that’s a new one on me. I was able to successfully make that work. Seems to work pretty well. It’s still a little quirky to switch between radios, but it works better than before. The only way I’ve found to successfully switch is to quit WSJT-X, switch radios in MacLoggerDX, then restart WSJT-X. The times I’ve done this I have found I sometimes have to restart WSJT-X multiple times and might have to force quit it. That said, I am one step closer to smooth operation than I was before. Thanks.

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For the Mac, you can use the Audio Midi Setup App (usually in the Utilities folder in Applications) to create new Aggregate devices (like IC9700 in and IC9700 out and IC7300 in and IC7300 out which use the inputs and outputs of the USB Audio Codec for the correct radio. These will show up as additional audio devices that you can choose. You will have to initially use trial and error ( or just connect one at a time) to find out which is which, since both Audio codec from the two radios have the same name as you pointed out



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