locked PSK Reporter spotting in Hound mode #FoxAndHound #IssueReport

Martin G0HDB

Running v2.3.1 r0e7224 on a Win 10 PC (Dell 3070, i7-9700 CPU @ 3GHz with 16G RAM and 256G SSD).

In recent days I've been leaving WSJT-X with my 'FT8 Hound mode' configuration active, monitoring 12m or 10m for activity from the C92RU team.  I've noticed that even though I have 'PSK Reporter Spotting' enabled in the configuration, and I also have the 'Rx All Freqs' option enabled, none of the decodes of either the C92RU Fox or the numerous pursuing Hounds seem to be being picked up by PSK Reporter although they definitely are when I'm not in Hound mode. 

Although I've only noticed the apparent absence of Hound-mode PSK Reporter spots recently I have a vague recollection of having noticed the same thing when I was running earlier versions of WSJT-X but I can't be sure about this.

When in Hound mode, is there something, either intentional or inadvertent, in the app that is inhibiting the sending of decodes to PSK Reporter?  I haven't found any reference to such an issue in any of the documentation or postings to this group.

Martin G0HDB


I see the same thing and believe it has to do with the pskreporter site and how they handle a flood of spots.
I also was watching C92RU spots on Hamspots.net and they showed many more spots than pskreporter.
I'm watching them both right now and pskreporter has 3 in the last 15 minutes, while Hamspots.net has about 30.

73, Bob KM4RL