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Reino Talarmo

Hi Boris,

Short answer is no.

A bit more practical answer is that is depends on many issues and usually a careful balancing is needed. I take just one issue that is a limiting factor. It is how many bits a used to message error checking. The more bits the less false decodes, but unfortunately with a high bit error rate after detection the error detection power is lost and false decodes can get through. One method is to estimate signal to noise ratio and estimate potential bit error rate and based on that filter out false decodes, but then also true decodes will be lost. That is valid for any decoding level, but more probable with deep and AP.

So it is better to leave some job also for the operator to check that the decode is really a proper decode. There is provided some help or alert at the end of decoded messages that a decode is potentially less reliable.

There is a silly analogy in CW. You could use squelch to cut audio, when signal goes into noise. The CW will nice, when available, but would you use it?

73, Reino OH3mA


Hi Reino,

I got it.

Is it possible to eliminate false decoding in the program or is it an inevitable effect of a deep level of decoding?

73 Boris UX8IW

Вторник, 30 марта 2021, 16:19 +03:00 от Reino Talarmo <reino.talarmo@...>:

Hi Boris,

You may also disable AP and will get less that kind of false decodes of type a2. Unfortunately due that you will miss also some real decodes due that.

73, Reino OH3mA


PS. I would prefer more false ones at the moment as I seem to miss proper ones.





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