moderated noise #AudioIssues #MSK144


Hi Jim,

with highly interrest did I read your papers KillingRxNoise ....

please give me an idea what this noise can be. (see pic of MSK144 graph)
I use a HB9CV; FT-847, wsjtx-2.4.0-rc3, raspberryPi 4-buster

the noise mainly appears in the afternoon from 08:12 pm til 09:46 pm.
coming up and down
is mainly in the direction south of the antenna (airport)
has peaks aprox. every 5 sec.
in phases very strong S3
on 50.280 USB very strong
not so strong but almost there at 50.305

I guess it could be a weather radar, but ? is this mainly in the afternoon ??
my location is near ( 14 miles) to the airport of vienna, direction south
But? is the airport radar only working in the afternoon ??? Vienna airport is busy, even in corona !

I had the same noise when my antenna was lower on the flat roof, but now did I put up
the antenna on top of the roof and the noise increases heavy.

How can I get rid of this ugly noise ????
bandpassfilter ??

thanks for your appreciated answer !
vy73, Karl OE3JAG