Locked #mainscreen #FST4 #Q65 - User Guides for v2.3.0 and v2.4.0-rc3 #mainscreen #FST4 #Q65

Frode Igland

Thanks for version 2.4.0-rc3.

In the v2.4.0-rc3 User Guide, the illustration of section 10.1.5  Mode Menu shows the v2.3.0 Mode Menu, including QRA64 and ISCAT, both to be deprecated in v2.4.0. I guess this should be replaced by a new mode list including Q65, but not QRA64 and ISCAT.

In the User Guide for v2.4.0-rc3, the title of the previous section 10.2 Button Row (on the main screen) has been removed and replaced by this text:
    === Button Row
// Status=edited
All the previous text under "Button Row" has been retained. Should the Button Row still have its own section title and number, or is the change intended?

I have translated the User Guide for v2.3.0 GA (submitted in early February, not yet published) and v2.4.0-rc3, hence the tags FST4 and Q65.
Where do you want to receive the translations to make them available on the WSJT-X page?

The User Guide is an important part of WSJT-X. Does it deserve its own hash tag?

73, Frode LA6VQ