moderated re-loading wsjt-x #WSJTX_config #install


Hi - i'm not sure if this is my imagination....I have been running almost daily skeds with Roger VE1SKY (450 mi) on 2m q65 for some weeks now and have noted 2 strange issues:
1) some days I receive VE1SKY decodes almost every sequence while he only gets average decodes at -27 or so AND some other days, exactly the opposite effect !! I dont even see a sync peak and he get multiple decodes. this one-way propagation (does that really exist ?) OR is it caused by incorrect WSJT-x settings ?
2) on several occasions VE1SKY would receive several q0 and q3 decodes while I wud see nothing - not even a sync peak. I then closed the WSJT program, re-opened it and immediately received q0 and q2,3 decodes. Is this a coincidence with rapidly changing propagation OR can re-loading WSJT actually fix the problem ??
For info - VE1SKY run 200w, i run 350w but I have an LNA on the tower with ,0.5db NF, Roger has a few db of loss in his feedline so his NF is probably more like 3db.
Thanks for any inputs, explanations, similar experiences....
And thanx to Joe and the team for a great new mode...
73 jay ny2ny fn30rw