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Bryan, KJ7PRS


I have tried two different computers with the same result so this should be a radio settings issue?  I am using an Icom IC-705.

I receive just fine.  A new issue is that the radio does an interrupted transmit.  I can watch the scope and see the transmit line keeps breaking, it is not solid.  I get an error from WSJT-X "Error sound input"  Also when I do a cat test I get very brief computer audio through the 705 speaker when I click on the cat test. The transmit test does not duplicate the problem.  This is all new.  Things were working fine. It seems like it may be sound through the usb port, but it is the same with two different computers.   I have read through the threads here but I did not see a solution.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

73, KJ7PRS.