#BugReport #txaudio RE: my audio problems with v2.3.0 and v2.4.0-rc1 #BugReport #txaudio


Sometimes the first transmission after "Enable Tx" is activated does not produce any audio output to the radio.
The "Tune " button does not always produce a tone
Sometimes turning "Tune" off starts a message sequence (audio only, not PTT)
"Halt Tx" will stop the message sequence, but only if "Enable Tx" or "Tune" is activated (red).
If allowed, the message will run for its full length, no matter where in the minute it is started by the "Tune" button.
Sometimes turning the "Tune" button on/off  will toggle between the "Tune" tone and the message sequence.
This happens in Q65, JT65, msk144 and probably the others.
I have verified that these errors happen on 2 different computer (Win 10 Pro, Intel Core i5-4670 3.4 GHZ 8.00GB Ram), and (Win 10 home on AMD FX-6300 Six-core 3.5 ghz. 8.00 GB Ram.)
I installed v2.3.0 but it produced the same result.
I rolled back to v2.2.2 and have no similar issues.
I suggest testing with headphones or speaker plugged in in place of the radio.