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Earle Hancock <earleiphone@...>

  • Hello,
    My problem is no output power, not for tune nor transmit.
    My set up is:
    MacBook Pro - Catalina 10.15.7
    IC 7300
    WSJT-x 2.0.1
    USB Audio CODEC - CP2102 USB to UART Bridge controller

  • my settings are as follows (from GitHub)

  • Serial Port: /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUAR
  • Baud Rate: 115200
  • Data Bits: Eight
  • Stop Bits: Two
  • Handshake: None
  • Force Control Lines: (Leave both empty)
  • PTT Method: CAT
  • Mode: Data/PKT
  • Split operation: Rig

WSJT-X Audio tab

  • Input/Output set to the 7300's USB device

WSJT-X Waterfall + Main Window

  • Bins/Pixel: 4
  • Start: 200-300 Hz
  • N Avg: 2
  • Palette: Digipan or to taste
  • Cumulative
  • Flatten: unchecked
  • Ref Spec: unchecked
  • Spec 30%
  • Sliders on default/center except upper-right adjust to taste, usually ~30%
  • Pwr slider 100%

7300 rig settings

  • Mode: USB-D
  • Filter Bandwidth set to widest possible (3.6k), sharp falloff
  • Function menu: AGC, NR, NB, Notch, Preamps, Vox, etc all turned off
  • Display typically set to waterfall + Meter
  • Set -> Connectors:
    • ACC/USB Output Select: AF
    • ACC/USB AF Output Level: 10-30% (adjust as needed for band, noise level)
    • ACC/USB AF SQL: Off (Open)
    • ACC/USB AF Beep: Off
    • ACC/USB IF Output Level: 50%
    • ACC Mod Level: 50%
    • USB Mod Level: 40%
    • Data Off Mod: MIC,ACC
    • Data Mod: USB
    • CI-V:
      • CI-V Baud Rate: Auto
      • CI-V Address: 94h
      • CI-V Transceive: ON
      • CI-V USB->Remote Transceive Address: 00h
      • CV-V Output (for ANT): Off
      • CI-V Baud Port: Unlink from [REMOTE]
      • CI-V USB Baud Rate: 115200
      • CI-V USB Echo Back: On
    • USB Serial Function: CI-V
    • RTTY Decode Baud Rate: 19200
    • USB Send/Keying: All Off except Inhibit Timer

Macos Settings

  • Applications->Utilities->Audio Midi Setup->USB Audio Codec 1: Left/Right both set to approximately -9.0db, adjust as needed while monitoring ALC levels on the rig. ALC should be at about 1/2 to 3/4 while transmitting. Some experimentation and outside verification (Web SDRs?) needed to make sure you're not overdriving the audio.
  • Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers installed:

Still get error like this one:

the USB ports appear to work properly with other software, ie. MacLoggerDX and the mouse software.


Earle W1IPN


If indeed you're using WSJT-x 2.0.1, download the latest public release as there have been a myriad of updates.

Harry  K7GQ

David VK3DRH

G'day Earle,

Just a thought but in your Mac preferences does WSJT-X have microphone access? Mic access is part of Apples privacy/security settings and access needs to be granted for each app as required. Learnt this the hard way when updating the OS one time.

Cheers,    David VK3DRH

George J Molnar

Not positive, but I would suggest reducing the attempted connection speed to 9600 or so. As long as it matches the rig. Most CAT systems don't run as fast as you're set for. (Disclaimer - I don't know about your rig)