WSJT screen position #install

Reino Talarmo

>Please help,
Which way can I memorize monitor/instance position?
73 Frank i2dmi


Hi Frank,

You may need to be a bit more specific.
At least in my Windows PC at opening all windows are at the same position I left them at closing. Only issue is that their order is changed to a default order and some fully overlapped window may be sitting hidden below another window.

73, Reino OH3mA

Jon Ermels <n0igu@...>

How do you have your computer set for the windows to be placed, stacked, side by side, etcetera.

73 de NØIGU Jon

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, 03:54:29 AM CST, i2dmi frank <i2dmi@...> wrote:

Hi Reino,
I have 2 monitors for FT8 with 4 instances of wsjt (2 each). Video card is a NVIDIA P400 that seems do not be working fine (even if nvida is a good product). When I restart the PC the 4 instances do not return to their previous position.
Do exist  any "ini" instruction sequence to fix each instance in its previous position? I have 4 folders (A-B-C-D) one for each instance, but this didn't help to solve my problem.....
Any help on replacing the NVIDIA video card with another working fine???
thanks for help.

Frank i2dmi

Dave - VA3CP


That probably depends on your operating system but I would suggest that you should be able to set the size of the main window by dragging the corners until the window looks like you wish.  Left click and hold on the top edge of the window and drag it into the preferred location.  Switch to the waterfall window and do the same.  
There should be plenty of video tutorials on moving and resizing windows on YouTube. 

73, VA3CP
Dave in Hamilton, ON.

Ian Wilson

What I would like to see is the waterfall & main screen incorporated into one screen rather than 2, one for each.