Locked RTTY Roundup is coming up quick!

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Practice sessions and photos! See below. Please feel free to share this with your local club and other appropriate channels.

Last year with FT contesting still being such a new thing we scheduled several sessions. I am inclined to go back to the usual 2 practice periods on Friday like we do for other major tests. If you think more sessions would be helpful I can send something out for Tuesday or Wednesday. Please let me know. So...

In the interest of helping everyone get their FT and RTTY game together, we're scheduling a couple of practice sessions for both FT4/8 and RTTY. (For RTTY-only practice, don't forget we also have the NS RTTY on Thursday http://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html - yes even on NYE!)

2200-2230 UTC, 1 January (Friday afternoon NA time) - RTTY focus
2230-2300 UTC, 1 January (Friday afternoon NA time) - FT4/8 focus

0200-0230 UTC, 2 January (Friday evening NA time) - RTTY focus
0230-0300 UTC, 2 January (Friday evening NA time) - FT4/8 focus

"Focus" just means: let's focus on RTTY or FT for the 30 minutes - but if you want to practice switching back and forth between RTTY and FT by all means do so. I expect you'll find others of a like mind, it sounds like a good exercise.

Operate just like it's the real thing that starts on Saturday the 2nd. Use whatever bands are open and active for you at each time slot. For FT8, let's avoid the default "watering holes" - the following dial frequencies as recommended by Joe K1JT in the January 2019 QST** would be a good starting place: 3590, 7080, 14130, 21130, 28160.

For FT4 - since FT4 is a designated contest mode anyway - start with the default dial frequencies currently baked into WSJT-x: 3575, 7047.5, 14080, 21140, 28180.

Most of all, have fun over the weekend in the RTTY Round-Up! Take some photos of your operation and send them and/or a summary of your experience to me, Jeff WK6I - especially anything around your decisions on how to use (or not use) FT modes. It will help with the write up for the contest in QST. (Or post your remarks to 3830 or in your Soapbox - I will find them.)

73 jeff wk6i

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