Schema negotiation #networking


I am working on communicating between my (homebrew) logging program and WSJT-X. For my program, I use C#, .net framework in the VS2119 community environment. So far I'm able to decode most of the messages. I'm stuck with schema negotiation. I have zero knowledge of C++, so I am not able to understand the description in NetworkMessage.hpp on what the format of the UDP server response to Heartbeat is supposed to be. It'd be great if someone provide me with a description like the descriptions of the WSJT-X are in the same document.

Another question: NetworkMessage.hpp which I found is for version 4c05f8 od WSJT-X. The current version of WSJT-X is 0d9b96. Is the NetworkMessage.hpp which I have still valid or is there a newer one available somewhere?