locked IOS Big Sur problems

Bill Somerville

On 13/11/2020 20:41, Hamish G0GLG via groups.io wrote:
My MacBook pro has as usual automatically updated the iOS and installed Big Sur.
First problem on starting WSJT-X was the memory error, no problem re-ran the script and restarted WSJT-X.
Started ok but Hamid error, should be no problem as I have to change the USB_UART driver nearly every time I start up WSJT-X so go to select the correct one out of the 4 choices I always get, no  drivers available?
No problem I will just re-install the driver and start again.

This is where the problem really starts, during installation it comes up with usual prompt to go into System preferences/security&privacy to allow the drivers to be installed. The problem is there is no prompt on the Security&Privacy screen?
This of course should be there at the lower portion of the window but it's not and no matter what I do I can't get them installed, even if I bypass the prompt by selecting 'already authorised' I can't do so.

So has anyone experienced this and what's the work round, any help greatly received.

Hamish G0GLG

Hi Hamish,

you could try taking the Gatekeeper quarantine flag off the driver installation file manually.

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /path-to-quarantined-file


Hamish G0GLG

Thanks Bill, will give it a try.

Hamish G0GLG