Locked F/H not working, Mac+MLDX+7300

Randy Cook

Got a weird problem here. 

Running WSJT-x current release, MacLoggerDX on a MacBook Air, latest s/w. IC-7300

When I switch configuration to Fox/Hound in FT8, I get the 'Rig Control Error' pop up. For details, I get "Hamlib error: IO error while opening connection to rig'

MacLoggerDX has the 'DXLab TCP' connection checked under Radio tab, and I selected 'DX Lab Suite COmmander' for WSJT-X 'Rig'.

Everything runs fine with normal FT8. Problem only when going to F/H.  I tried all three options for 'Split' in WSJT-X configuration. 

Any help appreciated. 

BTW, F/H does work with older config of MLDX + WSJT-X + JT-Bridge.  In that case, the rig control is done by WSJT. 
Randy K6CRC


I suggest trying to simply edit your working configuration to enable F/H rather than switching configurations to see if this is a configuration issue.
Harry  K7GQ

Randy Cook

Per K7GQ suggestion, I didn't use my pre-defined F/H config, but set up in Prefer -> Advanced -> Special Operating. It seems to work, no error message.