Locked WSJT-Suite v1.0.30 Available For Testing

KI7MT <ki7mt01@...>

Hello All,

All of the builds are "Snapshots" of their respective branch. With very few exceptions, there is no guarantee a given feature / function will work, or even be included in the final Official Release. Also, things may not always work as intended, or in some cases, they may not work at all; this is normal during development cycles.

* See the section below for Setup Help, Bug Reports & Feature Requests
* See C:&#92;WSJT-Suite&#92;build-info.txt for specific version information

* Using the uninstalller, remove all previous WSJT-Suite installs
* Download v1.0.30 from:

Link....: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jtsdk/files/win32/2.0.0/wsjt-suite/WSJT-Suite-1.0.30-Win32.exe/download
SHA1....: c88ce6b2e724c8535a002db8c3c29510cce7d675
MD5SUM..: 186dff80f1e4e2e162fac79e71a758de

* Run the installer as you normally would, follow the prompts
* Install location is fixed: C:&#92;WSJT-Suite
* Desktop Icons are *not* provided (by design)

* WSPR-X is not longer included
* WSJT-X v1.6.1 (exp branch) is no longer included
* WSJT-X v1.6.0 includes WSPR-2 mode, band hoping, and new EME features
* WSJT-X v1.5.0 is the GA Release from SVN r5512
* User guides are included as part of the build where available

** WSJT-X v1.6.0 user-guide is a snapshot of the current doc source tree and may not contain the latest changes made to the app source code.

** WSJT-X v1.5.0 is the official version posted on Joe's website which includes the Hamlib3 version shipped with the installer.

** WSPR and WSJT user-guides no longer use JTSDK-DOC, they are built from within the application source tree using Python3 & AsciiDoc similar to how WSJT-X performs it's user-guide build.

SUPPORT ( from WSJT-X v1.6.0 User Guide, Section 16 )

The best source of help in setting up your station or configuring WSJT-X is the WSJT Group at (email address wsjtgroup@...). The chances are good that someone with similar interests and equipment has already solved your problem and will be happy to help.

One of your responsibilities as a WSJT-X user is to help the volunteer programmers to make the program better. Bugs may be reported to WSJT Group (email address wsjtgroup@...) or the WSJT Developers list (wsjt-devel@...). To be useful, bug reports should include at least the following information:

* Program version
* Operating system
* Concise description of the problem
* Sequence of steps required to reproduce the problem

Suggestions from users often result in new program features. Good ideas are always welcome: if there’s a feature you would like to see in WSJT-X, spell it out in as much detail as seems useful and send it to us at one the the email addresses given a few lines above. Be sure to explain why you think the feature is desirable, and what sort of other users might find it so.


Greg, KI7MT